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The Cowboys i love...parte seconda

22 Brokeback Mountain
focus on Jack, Ennis, Jack/Ennis
27 Brokeback Mountain Premiere
focus on Heath, Michelle and Jake

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

R: credit tremilius, comment, NOT hotlinking, [all the icons are .png]


01Image hosted by 02Image hosted by 03Image hosted by 04Image hosted by
05Image hosted by 06Image hosted by 07Image hosted by 08Image hosted by
09Image hosted by 10Image hosted by 11Image hosted by 12Image hosted by
13Image hosted by 14Image hosted by 15Image hosted by 16Image hosted by
17Image hosted by 18Image hosted by 19Image hosted by 20Image hosted by
21Image hosted by 22Image hosted by


23Image hosted by 24Image hosted by 25Image hosted by 26Image hosted by
27Image hosted by 28Image hosted by 29Image hosted by 30Image hosted by
31Image hosted by 32Image hosted by 33Image hosted by 34Image hosted by
35Image hosted by 36Image hosted by 37Image hosted by 38Image hosted by
39Image hosted by 40Image hosted by 41Image hosted by 42Image hosted by
43Image hosted by 44Image hosted by 45Image hosted by 46Image hosted by
47Image hosted by 48Image hosted by 49Image hosted by

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here my BBM old icons

Tags: brokeback mountain, gay themed, heath ledger, icons, jake gyllenhaal, michelle williams
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Those are all great
I'm taking #4's and 11. Thank you for sharing; they're all lovely.
not taking any, but they are oh-so-lovely
1,3,5,6,12,14! Will credit! Merci!
Gorgeous! I love them all but just took these movie ones - 7, 9, 14, 15 and 17. Thank you for sharing! :)
those are amazing, I especially like your cropping - the one where Jake looks at the BBM poster is really great!
Thanks manuanya and thanksyou all :)
saved 5, 13, and 14. Will credit when used. :)
taking all =) will credit when used
Great cropping and framing. :) They all look very lovely.
i took 8 & 14 -- so gorgeous -- thank you so much -- will credit!
11 made me giggle. I love these!
wtf and the fuck you paparazzi!
OMG I love your icon!


11 years ago

Wow. Snagging a bunch with cred!
Awesome! 15, 26 and 42, will credit! :)
Very nice! I like the way you cropped some of them. Thanks for creating and sharing!
#28...will credit.
love them all! using number 3
I'm happy! Thanks you all :)
came here via brokeback_icons, these are beautiful, took #1, #2, and #5 thanks!
took #14 and #8, crediting. :D
Thanks for #1. I love the ones from the premiere.
Saved 1 & 44! Will credit. =]
Hi these are great - I snagged 1,3,6,7,28 and 30. Thanks so much x
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